CDMU Area of Operation

Supply of Essential Medicine

Since inception in the year 1987, CDMU is supplying essential life saving (generic) medicine to its members. This is one of the major activities CDMU is engaged in till date.

Preparation of Price List

CDMU organizes complete open tender/Negotiations process and prepares a printed price list of all products available in CDMU stock. The same printed list is given to the members, on request

IEC Material Development

CDMU develops various educational materials like posters, leaflets, manuals, guide books for public education in both English and Local Language.

Food & Drug Safety Work

CDMU organizes drug and food safety initiatives under guidance of Ministry of Health and family welfare, Government of India for public education.

Quality Control

CDMU had installed its own Minilab for Quality testing of In-house Medicines as well as Outhouse with the help of DIFAM . It Helped CDMU to strengthen its quality control activities. Through this Minilab about 70 Medicines can be tested as per the Monograph published by DIFAEM. Presently only tablets and capsules can be tested.

Linkages Development

CDMU is sincerely and earnestly trying to develop effective working relationship with different agencies working on essential medicines, consumers' education activities, and other health and development areas in India and Worldwide.

Training for proper Pharmacy Management

We help our Members also for proper safe keeping of Medicine in their warehouse by giving training to their Pharmacist.

Medicine Tests

CDMU is serious about the quality of medicines and therefore it ensures that medicines are properly tested for quality.

Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Medical Response

Odisha is a disaster prone state always vulnerable to flood, cyclone, drought and other man made disaster. Disaster makes poor people poorer. CDMU wants to undertake disaster preparedness activities at community level with its member organizations., CDMU organizes several medical camps for disaster and flood affected people as well as cholera epidemic control for the victims and provides free medicines to them.

Participation in Countrywide Sample Survey

i) CDMU undertook a state wide sample collection work under guidance of Drug Control Office, East Zone, Kolkata. ii) Two state sample survey was conducted on year 2014 collecting 101 samples to track if any spurious medicine running in open market.

Medical Store Management

CDMU undertakes Medical Store Management Training at regular interval for capacity development on safe keeping of medicines.

Essential Medicine for Reproductive Health

CDMU is promoting the concept among the Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) and women groups.